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Neoan ITRL laboratories provide independent material science and analytical testing solutions. Expertise includes research and development, quality control testing, materials analysis and characterization, formulation, unknowns identification, test method development and validation, method remediation, measurement science, contamination troubleshooting and more. Neoan ITRL laboratories offer advanced laboratory testing techniques to local, regional and global customers.

The high-end research laboratories are staffed by Ph.D. and Master degree scientists, providing extensive analytical expertise serving the Matel, Sound, Water and Air Testing.

Neonitrl is a world-class, full-service environmental testing laboratory. Our environmental tests include the analysis of water, air, metal and sound.

It was started keeping in mind the huge requirement for water and air testing among domestic consumers due to the exponential increase in pollution in recent times. Through this portal, booking a water or air test is just a few clicks away


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